One evening, a couple of years ago, we were asked by our friend, Bud Flannery, to come along and see something truly out of the ordinary. Having promised no word would get out about what we were about to see or where we were going, we followed late one night as he led us to a seemingly closed cafe.

Inside we found a couple of dozen people gathered together in a group forming an open space about 15 feet across where the cafe tables and chairs had been some hours earlier. To our amazement there began a series of boxing matches with the fighters wearing not boxing gloves, but uncooked chickens. Our first reaction was to chuckle and ask questions, but we shut up under the withering glare of those around us, and as the bout began it immediately became clear this was to be taken as seriously as any official boxing match might be.

Over the next few months, with Bud acting as our go-between, we began negotiating for permission to photograph a match and document the bravery and stength these people put into what is an almost entirely unknown sport - that of chicken boxing. The result has been not only a collection of photographs showing the skill, grit, and determination these men bring to their sport, but we now have permission to create this website, display the photographs, and begin building a history of the sport.

Needless to say it has been a long road just to get here. We have had no direct contact with the association, everything goes through a chain of people, but we can use the logo, collect information for the history, and show the photos. Most of those we have had contact with are hesitant about speaking out - they have been participants in an underground sport for sometime - and while the new generation of fighters is more open about what they do, the old-timers still try and keep things strictly limited.

In this website you will find some information on the sport, a selection of the photos from the book Not Quite a Legend, and various links. As we collect more stories, articles, and images of the history and the people involved, we will add them to the website. There are many gaps in this story, we are still working with the Association to get access to their archives (if indeed they have any), talk to some of the older, now retired fighters, and hopefully photograph more matches. We are also sifting through old newspapers - very occassionally there was a piece about a match raided by the authorities or in some other way being uncovered - but the going is slow.


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